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The safety bonus at the beginning is the best way to earn guillotine knives, which is important because the more points you earn, the more of a chance you have at getting a new character in Dumbest of the Dumb mode. In none of the other modes will it matter, although it’s also good to practice your speed at the bonus games, too. Use a different strategy for each different game. For the speed tapping games it’s very easy to Rotary Slitter Knife by using three or four fingers at a time. The swiping and tilting games are not quite so easy, though.

Every day, you can get two free tokens delivered straight to your game Woodworking Knives, so if you run out of tokens, there is still hope for playing the Dumbest of the Dumb again; don’t think that you have to delete the app or anything. You just have to be patient and wait for the tokens to come.

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